Premium Bridgestone Tyre Brands

Synonymous with racing and renowned by drivers all around the world, Bridgestone is the mark of a truly outstanding tyre. This quality is reflected in Bridgestone's Premium Brand range.

Comfort, performance, durability... whatever you're looking for, Bridgestone tyres are the ultimate compliment to your driving experience.

Potenza tyres


Utilising the best elements of leading edge racing technology and proven on road capabilities, Potenza stands alone as the ultimate in performance tyres. Delivering breathtaking control and responsiveness in the wet and dry, these tyres are perfect for passionate drivers.

Turanza tyres

Safety, comfort and performance, elegantly blended in a tyre that represents the pinnacle of driving luxury. Ideal for the city commuter or dedicated distance driver, Turanza is engineered to deliver an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride in any condition.

Dueler Tyre

Delivering unprecedented levels of durability and wear life, these tyres are built tough enough to take you anywhere and bring you back! Designed to optimise 4WD performance on the road and off, Dueler is the perfect choice for serious off-roaders and suburban tourers alike.

Ecopia Tyres

Utilising our global research capabilities and cutting edge technology, Bridgestone have created a lower rolling resistance tyre that maintains the high quality and safety standards that Bridgestone are renowned for. Rolling resistance is the force required to roll a tyre. The more resistance, the more fuel is required to power the vehicle and the more CO2 emissions are emitted. The lower rolling resistance of Ecopia improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reduces the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment.


More than just tyres. We do Wheels!

Bridgestone offers a range of alloy wheel and tyre packages to suit a wide range of vehicles and budgets. And, you can browse secure in the knowledge that we offer a lifetime structural guarantee and a two-year chrome warranty on selected wheels.

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